Hi I'm Joe Corcoran.  I am a 26 year old serial entrepreneur and business consultant from New Hampshire.  I started my first company when I was 12, after finding a niche market online.  Padded paintball headbands were pretty popular, and I knew my mom had a sewing machine.  I figured I could make my own headbands and sell them through forums and eBay, and this is how it all started.
While my main passion is in education and technology, trying to bootstrap companies from the ground up with little to no financing has taught me a wide set of skills that can be applied to other businesses.  I am well versed and experienced in all aspects of business, from start-ups to sales, marketing, IP, team building, product design, etc.
My college career was somewhat untraditional.  I transferred colleges 3 times, and worked full-time as a bartender while taking classes and also pursuing my own start-ups.  I went to school for Behavioral Neuroscience, but was always interested more in entrepreneurship.  I discovered free online courses when they were first becoming popular in 2013, and was actually in one of the first cohorts of M.I.T.'s MOOC (Major Online Collaborative Course), and worked on an international start-up called SkillOut (an e-learning platform for employees), with team members around the globe.  I found this type of involved learning to be more beneficial than the courses I was taking in school.  I was getting real experience from universities with better names, and it was all free.  After this first experience I began taking more courses online, including Stanford's Technology Entrepreneurship 1 & 2, and Design Thinking, MIT's Entrepreneurial Marketing and Business Fundamentals, and many more through Khan Academy, Udemy, and others.
In 2016, I was kicked out of the University of New Hampshire for missing a final exam on one of my last courses before graduation.  During the exam time I was actually participating in the school's Business to Market competition with my tech start-up Chatter.  Honestly, this was a tough situation for me to overcome, but looking back it was a blessing in disguise.  It motivated me more to change the education system, and threw me into a situation where I needed to do something quickly.  
Side note, I was recently one of only three people to be selected by UNH for their "Young Professionals Alumni" panel.  Not sure how I was considered an alumni after they kicked me out, but I was grateful for the opportunity regardless.
After leavings school I picked up more shits bartending, and also began using the skills I developed through starting my own businesses to help other small businesses in the Seacoast area.  This allowed me to develop a good client base and really hone my traditional business skills.
I started Vivolearn, my current start-up, in 2018 after inventing and patenting a method of creating simple Augmented Reality on your smartwatch.  Our first market application is called Wristruments, a tool for learning musical instruments from your smartwatch.  
Aside from business and entrepreneurship, I am passionate about personalized education, physical fitness, and helping others find light in seemingly dark situations to realize their full potential.  
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